TSA (Technion Student Association, pronounced “asat”)
is one of the oldest and largest student associations in the Israel.

TSA’s central role is to represent the students of the Technion and to maintainthe services required by them.

The Association operates through two main branches:

Representative\Voluntary branch: Its members have a dual role – to represent the students in front of the Technion and inside TSA institutions. The faculties ‘”semester representatives” are the Board of Deputies, the legislative body in the Association that elects the chairman and vice chairman. Faculties’Students’ Boards Chairmenalso function as the Executive Committee – the body that outlines the ongoing TSA policies.

Executive branch: Led by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the TSA, its positions are filled by an open tender. These are part-time paid positions, that serve the entire student body. Its departments, coordinators and other employees work tirelessly, in matters of academia, scholastics, campus life, culture and society to provide quality services to the Technion’s students.

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yor@asat.org.il TSA Chairman
syor@asat.org.il TSA Vice Chairman
dover@asat.org.il TSA Spokesman
sec@asat.org.il TSA Secretary
dalpak1@asat.org.il TSA Information Secretary
dalpak2@asat.org.il TSA Information Secretary