About the Academic Committee
works to promote and protect the academic rights of student. A team of academic coordinators, one in each faculty, handles the committee’s work. The Academic committee handles, among others, subjects such as IDF reserve and provision, sports courses and supporting students in disciplinary proceedings.
Study Support Department
Is in charge of supporting the personal scholastic efforts of the students. The department does so by maintaining regular frameworks of tutoring, courses and booklets.
 contact us
academ@asat.org.il Academic committee chairperson
sacadem@asat.org.il Deputy chairperson
miluim@asat.org.il Reservists coordinator
attorney@asat.org.il Legal coordinator
attorney1@asat.org.il Deputy legal coordinator
lemida@asat.org.il Study support manager
courses@asat.org.il Courses coordinator
store@asat.org.il Store coordinator
exams1@asat.org.il Booklets coordinator
langc@asat.org.il C language tutoring coordinator
physical@asat.org.il Physics tutoring coordinator 
chemical@asat.org.il Chemics tutoring coordinator