Copying and printing machines around campus
Around campus you can find copying and printing machines.
The automatic machines coordinator is responsible for setting the machines location, their maintenance, and dealing with malfunctions.
For details and complaints, email


 Student Card Charging
Printing and copying is cheaper using your student card rather than your credit card!
You can charge your student card in the charging machines spread around campus or here

printing instructions: Click picture to enlarge
print instructions eng

Printing Prices

Credit Card  Student Card  
13ag 11ag A4 B&W single sided
25ag 21ag A4 B&W two sided
1.2NIS 1.2NIS A4 Color single sided
2.4NIS 2.4NIS A4 Color two sided
30ag 30ag A4 slide

Price for A3 is double for all types

Color printers location on campus: 
Industrial Engineering and Management
Borowitz building 4th floor
Civil Engineering building
Computer Room
Mechanical Engineering building
Computer Room
Architecture and Town Planning building
 Main Library
Rappaport building Faculty of Medicine
:A3 printers location around campus
Borowitz building 4th floor
Civil Engineering building
Computer Room
Mechanical Engineering building
Computer Room
Architecture and Town Planning building

Documents Scanning

You can scan documents for free using several copying machines around campus straight to your flash drive or email

Electrical Engineering building

Mechanical Engineering building

Mechina building

Industrial Engineering and Management building

Chemical Engineering building

Physics building

Architecture and Town Planning building

Faculty of Medicine building

Biology building

Chemistry building

Bio-Medical Engineering building

Borowitz building (Civil Engineering)

Main Library

Rabin building (Civil Engineering)

Materials Science and Engineering building

Faculty of Education in Science and Technology building

Computer Science building

Ulman building (4th floor)

Aerospace Engineering building

Ulman building (3rd floor)

 New! Virtual Print

Now you can get printing service straight from your home, in the cheapest prices possible. After sending the print task to the site, it will be waiting for you at the Booklet Store (Student Building) or at Faculty of Medicine campus (Bat Galim).

For more details:



New! Mobile printing and personal printing queue

TSA presents: Remote printing tasks from any device and prioritizing them using your personal ID

  • You can send printing tasks from any device supports emails (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) from in and out of the Technion.
  • You can send office documents (docx xlsx, pptx,), picture files (png, jpgm tiff) and pdf files.

Watch the video for further information:


Printing instructions:

  1. Start a new mail, type your ID in the SUBJECT. You can do so from any email supporting device – PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc…
  2. Insert the recipient according to your desired task:

        3. Attach your files (Office documents, pictures and pdf files).

        4. Go to one of the available printers around campus, insert your card and type your ID. Now you can              choose and print your files



  • Printing and A3 sheet is only possible via A3 supporting printers. Printing an A3 sheet on a non-supporting printer may cause faulty printing. A3 supporting printers are available in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Architecture. The user’s responsibility to make sure printing using the correct printer!
  • It’s possible to print tasks in printers corresponding the type of the task

For now, it’s now possible to print two sided sheet in color. Sorry for the inconvenience.

:(An example of how a correct email should look like (A4 B&W two sided
דוגמה למייל של שליחת קובץ להדפסה